July 2020

In the latest edition of Independent Banker magazine several NICB members were featured as the year’s most successful loan producers in the agriculture, commercial and consumer/mortgage categories. 


   Less than $500 million: JonesBank, Seward

   $500 million to $999 million:  Elkhorn Valley Bank & Trust, Norfolk

Consumer and mortgage:

  $500 million to $999 million:  West Gate Bank, Lincoln

The mortgage crisis of 2008-2009 spooked many banks out of that market. But the leadership of West Gate Bank sensed opportunity. In the years since, West Gate Bank has become a major aggregator of mortgages. Today, the bank services 15,000 loans from more than 100 correspondent banks across the Midwest.

Carl Sjulin, President,  attributes West Gate’s success largely to the fact that the bank, like its correspondent banks, is focused on community. “We are unique relative to many other mortgage aggregators in the sense that we are a small community bank.”

“Most of our correspondent banks are a lot like us. We are an $800 million bank with 10 branches, and we have an active retail mortgage division. A lot of banks like us like selling their mortgages to a local community bank like them, rather than a large aggregator.” says Sjulin.