What Is A Community Bank?

All banks are not community banks! Community banks offer a business model that is unique to the financial industry landscape and is steadfast in its commitment and service to the communities and marketplaces they serve.

Community banks focus their attention on the needs of local families, businesses and farmers and serve their communities with sound financial advice, programs, services and products to enable their customers and marketplace to flourish and grow. Community banks channel most of their loans to neighborhoods where their depositors live and work. Lending decisions are made locally, and most community banks are willing to consider character, family history and discretionary spending when making those decisions.

Community banks are themselves small businesses and uniquely understand the intricacies of their marketplace and the fabric of their community enabling them to provide valuable counsel and perspective to the customers they serve. A community bank’s employees and officers are active and visible in their communities and are involved in every aspect of their local community affairs and projects.

Nebraska Independent Community Bankers (NICB) is the only trade association in Nebraska whose membership is made up exclusively of Nebraska’s community banks – banks that are state or federally chartered within the state of Nebraska. NICB is devoted to the service and betterment of this unique and vital business model.

One Mission. Community Banks.

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